My Lightning Tracker Pro App Reviews

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Nice App for lightning

Could be better if it had a radar overlay option. In a perfect world it could also distinguish cloud to ground strikes.

I want to like it

I think this app has potential. Unfortunately from time to time it will not load data. The app tells me to check my internet connection, which I know is up and running. It appears there is a communications issue between the app and data source. I would like more control of how the app works, forcing updates of strikes would be helpful, just add a refresh button.


I’m pretty disappointed in this app. It constantly freezes and doesn’t keep the radius ring up. I like weather bug where it tells you the closet strike on the screen. I wish I could get my money back.


Does the job, and without fail.

Great app to warn you

If you want to know when lightning is close to you, in a storm headed your way. This app does a great job of letting you know. Just what I was looking for, at a really good price. Also great support in case you need it.

Used for field work

This app works great.... used everyday...

Great App!

Thanks for the great app! Is it possible to get this app added as a complication on the Apple Watch?

Useful app

A useful app for keeping track of thunderstorms. The usual weather apps give rain intensity but not electrical activity. We occasionally get lightening induced voltage surges and, in the past, have lost computers and a refrigerator. Actually knowing how close lightning strikes are lets up know when to unplug computers and appliances. I would appreciate the addition of a legend on the map showing distance.

Great for Adventure

This app has warned me of approaching lightning many times. Can’t say enough good stuff about it. I bike ride and kayak so I need to know of approaching danger. My settings are 21 mile range and strikes in the last 5 minuets. Be safe, get off the water before the storm. Works great in conjunction with a radar app. Thumbs up 👍

Extremely useful

I don't buy a lot of apps. I tend to reserve my dollars for those that prove themselves so useful that I keep opening them up day after day. This is one of those. I will be minding my own business and suddenly my Apple Watch will bing that there was lightning 20 miles away. I had no clue there was a storm coming, but this app alerted me to it. For those of us who work or play out of doors, this is crucial information. Highly recommended.

Great app

It’s all we have out here on the bayou! Thanks

Good so far

I just got the app a few days ago and it is working fine. My question; does it track all lightning strikes, cloud to ground, or cloud to cloud? Update July 22, 2018. It would be great if this paid version had the ability to show only cloud to ground strikes. As a firefighter, those are what matter to me.

Minimalist design but works

It’s a really good app in the sense that it doesn’t drown you in needless features and as far as I can tell it’s very accurate. You can adjust the detection circle and you can also see the hot spots across the globe if you are curious. Very handy app!


Love the app. However directions are reversed. When they say 15 miles S of your location it is actually N, and vice versa. I’ve learned to go along with that.

Great Tool

I use this daily during the summer. I work for a resort, and we have a pool and water slides that require us to monitor when lightning is in the area. I really like the option that allows the push notification sound to be changed. It’s such a useful tool that we encourage our staff to download it.

Some thoughts to consider

Excellent app and is VERY accurate. Meaningful info delivered promptly. Excellent if you have outdoor activities, any concern about storms or just have a pool. It provides great additional safety and can give you a very good idea about what may happen in your area in the immediate future!!!

Lags and crashes

App is super laggy and crashes for me

Updated and can't find anything

Updated the app and it's now a brick. Can't find anything and despite working 4G service and wifi that works on other devices, this app just keeps trying and then tells me I don't have internet

This could be a 5 Star app...

Seems to point out lightning pretty fast. Maps are good and info seems pretty accurate... BUT... It claims to have an Apple Watch component, but all it does is tell you lightning detected then directs you to open the app on the phone!! WHY NOT JUST TELL ME HOW FAR AWAY THE CLOSEST STRIKE IS?? The app has the information, why can’t it just display that on the watch?? In my job, working around explosives is important to know when lightning is actively around and in Florida that’s often. But I can’t pull out my phone every time I get a watch notification. Make the Apple Watch side more functional and this would be a 5 Star app, especially in my line of work. UPDATE! Now the app is very useful, and gives me distances of lightning from my last known location to my notifications and my Apple Watch. Well done, 5 Star as promised!

Great product, especially needed here in Florida.

I installed the product last night and everything worked as it should.

Awesome 😎 Lightning 🌩 Detector

I use this a lot in NW Florida at KPNS airport as a Fuel/Line Crew. We have to stop fueling when Lighting within 5 miles, so between my actual lightning Detector and this app, it comes in real handy. A suggestion I have is to display not only the distance but also the detection in Degrees or Cardinals. For example; Lightning struck 5.9 miles @ 319 degrees.

Best lightning app

This app is awesome! It is getting better and better. If you like to keep track of lightning storms then this is the go to app. I recommend it!



Best Tracker

Top of the line! Spent the week in the middle of Iowa and it is very accurate!

Very slow, not very accurate

I don’t think this app is not accurate. Just now, there was lightning on the ridge a couple miles from my house, the app didn’t even record it. Also it so slow in updating the app up when you turn it on. I wouldn’t waste my time loading this on your devise. What ever happened to the “Lightning Cast” app? That one I could count on.

Super fun!

Great way to track lightning for photography.

Slow response

Hard for screen to load

Stays open the entire time we swim or ride horses

We are very grateful to this application for being so accurate. We upgraded to the pro. We would love to see this application also show cloud movement overlay for a future update. Many thanks for making swimming and riding safe. No guessing about lightning. We get a great warning with this application!!! I’d give it ten stars if I could! Happy Mom

Still Disappointed

They’ve added an option to get notifications as often as 10 minutes but it doesn’t seem to work. We’ve had about an hour of thunder and no notifications. I can’t tell you if they added details of strikes onto the notifications as I have yet to get one since turning them back on a few hours ago. You can get detailed information on each strike if you open the app but it doesn’t always update. It auto centers onto whatever strike you select which makes it difficult to try to track down the most recent strike. I sooooo want to like this app but currently it’s less reliable than ALDARS. Things that would need to be added, fixed or changed to get a higher rating: • Fix notifications • option to get notifications once a minute • time, distance and location added to notifications • bookmarked locations • tracking multiple locations and distances • fix lag • radar / satellite imagery

Love it!!

I use this all the time and it’s very accurate. Great app that’s free!!

Love it!

Great app. About as accurate as one could expect. A great tool to keep you safe. Highly recommend!

Great App

As a wildland firefighter I love to know where lightning strikes occur, simply because that’s where most wildfires starts. Dead or live Trees are often struck by lightning and few days later it becomes a wildfire, even after the rain. Great App!

I would love it...

I would love it but shuts down 75% of the time. Yes, I’ve done all the updates. I don’t own a dinosaur of a phone.

Good app, needs little tweaking

App is good would be great if you could have multiple locations with push notifications.

Give it a 4

This APP is excellent and leads the rest. I would suggest that when you share you do nor remove the distance or date time from the picture. The settings bar could have a “hide” option also. 20 minute delay is rather long especially when it’s in the neighborhood. Looking for refinements in future updates. Meteorologist Tampa Florida

Very good app

This app is very helpful but I have some tips that I would love to see in later updates. When the lightning strikes and it alerts you, it would be nice for the alert to say how far away the lightning was. For example: Lightning strike 6.7 miles from your location. That would be better than having to open the app to see where it struck. Also I would like to see an option of it alerting you once every minute that lightning strikes in the area instead of it alerting you once every 10 minutes. If this option was to be enabled, that is when it would be helpful for the exact location to be alerted through notifications. That is all the tips I got, I still love the app but I think this would make it better. Thank you


Good app, and cool for the weather geek. A way to search an area for past strikes (say within a week or ten days)would be a fantastic addition to the app. I work as a fire investigator and that would be very useful.

So far so good!

Really like this app so far... i was using lightning cast but i guess the producer stop working on it! This app is really well made just the only down side is that i cant adjust the timing on how often it send me a notification, with lightning cast i cld set it for every 5 min to send me a notification about another strike it came handy for the job i do :)

My Lightning Tracker

This app would be superb if it allowed more than one location to be listed. Please work on this in future updates.

Life Saver

I golf. Sometimes lightning pops suddenly. With tracker alert, I may have some warning within the 25 mile radius I set. I like it!

Not worth it at the moment

I live in phx az. We get really nasty monsoon with tons of cloud to ground lightning. Were having a massive storm at the moment. Cloud to ground strikes all over the place and this app (the pro version) isnt even giving alerts and when you open the app it indicates that there are no lightning strikes. Its a cool app but the devoloper(s) need to get their game on point as its in far left feild atm.

Maybe a little slow on the draw?

Got the distance setting out to 16 miles, but I've already heard the thunder, and the storm has long ago passed, before I'm not getting alerts for the area in which the the storm came from. And I may have heard 6 or 8 different thunder rolls over the 15+\- minutes before before the storm, but only got 1 alert for 1 location:/) Update: The developer of this app contacted me and advised that the App only updates every 90 minutes, which is pretty much useless in my mind:). Once every 5 minutes is probably more realistic and useful to my line of thinking. By the time 90 minutes passes with a fast moving storm, the storm could come and go and you could be a crispy critter and never get an alert:). Like I said "a little slow on the draw".


Fantastic tracking accuracy and timing

It works but...

I have it set to send me alerts when lightening strikes within 9.0 miles of my location, but I get notifications for strikes outside my field. Also, very difficult to set your range - slide bar is too sensitive, plus when you finally have your range and pick up your finger - location jumps forward or backwards a mile or three! Please change this to a better way of selecting range.

Seems to work well

I haven't tried to match the results exactly against visible lightning, but it seems to work properly as far as matching with thunderstorm locations. :)

Part of my weather tool box

I live on a small island. All activities relate to the weather. Lightning Pro has become a primary tool.

Very happy, works reliably!

I live in the Lightning capital of the world, Tampa. In the background coupled with my Apple watch I always know when lightning in near. Thank you for a simple, reliable app.


Ap has performed as advertised

Great App Need to Fix the Crashes

Great App Need to Fix the Crashes.


Don't waste your time. You get some map with a thousand unidentified dots that tell you almost nothing. Worthless. I think the idea might be good, but no options, settings or info on how to use the app or what anything means. After this review the developer did contact me with some explanations and advised that improvements were being worked on. I must say it's uncommon these days to have someone respond. App functions well once you learn how to use it.

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